Mats Dekock is an Brussels based architect, who translates his experiences on construction sites and the build environment into transmedian installation.


In his transmedian work, he shifts the emphasis of his architectural discourse from a designer point-of-view to that of a subject embedded within space. The architectural toolbox and discourse remain his key instruments, but it is through the articulation of subjectivity in the dialogue between subject and space, that his architectural artwork arises.

Mats Dekock studied architecture at the University of Leuven (BE), and was a researcher in Transmedia at LUCA school of Arts in Brussels (BE), before his current positions as a visual artist at the Leuven (BE) based WERKTANK, production platform for new and old media art, and an architect at the Ghent (BE) based ArchiPL.






J.P. Minckelersstraat 64

3090 Leuven


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