Reconstructing Marienbad consists of 3 separate installations, inspired by the film classic 'L'Année Dernière à Marienbad' (1961) by Alain Resnais. The installation investigates how a cinematic experience can be transformed into an architectural form.


'Disembodied narrative': all the spoken text from the opening sequence of 'L'Année à Marienbad' is deconstructed in horizontal and vertical elements, that are printed on a disk and look like binary code. The disks rotates under stroboscopic light, which melts the abstract elements back together into a readable text.


'Cinematic Decoupage': this installation is a maquette, which consists out of tendozens perfect copies of the same empty hallway of the movie. The maquette transforms this single frame into a animated sculpture by rotation. Because of the persistence of vision this sculpture transforms into a living and organic image.


'Regard-en-Abyme': this installation combines all the interior rooms and spaces filmed in the opening sequence of 'L'Année à Marienbad' together in an ovular maquette. By using a pinhole camera the slowly rotating maquette is transformed into a cinematic experience and the spectator can wander endlessly through the empty corridors and hallways of the movie.


Concept & realisation: 2013 Mats Dekock / Production: Werktank 

With the support of Luca School of Arts, Brussels (BE)


Reconstructing Marienbad has been on tour for quite a while now, gathering lots of interesting press coverage. A special audiovisual and photo documentation about this work has been made by Peter Kollreider from and Cornelia Voglmayer, as a side project for the "sehsaal" opening exhibition in Vienna, Austria.