“Memory Screen” explores the tension between subjective interpretation and objective perception, between memory and imagination. When reconstructing the past, some details remain concealed or become blurry. Others get a prominent place. The reconstruction of a memory is a mental construction of a newly generated image, that reconnects previous impressions and memories through our imagination.

“Memory Screen” plays with the relation between perception and projection. The installation works like a memory screen, onto which a hacked dia projector shoots impressions of experiences. The screen has an electric memory, like the retina that recalls impressions for a while, before they fade out.


The output is the LED, which operates as a sensor of perception and projects what it perceives. The capacitor is the storage organ, which is charged by the electricity it receives from the LED. LED and capacitor form a whole that sees, interprets, imagines and remembers.


Concept & realisation: Mats Dekock / Production: Werktank / With the support of the Flemish authorities